5 Advantages Of Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs

I always wanted to grow up with a dog around – but it never really happened as my parents didn't want one. But when I look around and see my friends who grew up with dog/s around, they're a lot different than us. And that's when I realised the importance of growing up with a dog – or for that matter, any pet. Here's a list of reasons why you should get a dog right away and let your child experience a joy like never before:


Having a dog around makes the child empathetic –they learn to care for the dog just like they would for another human- this makes them more sensitive not only to animals in general but also fellow humans. This makes your child more considerate towards how humans feel, making them better humans in the process.

More confident:

The kids who have dogs around growing up are a lot more confident – because whatever they do, they have a one-member audience always eagerly watching them and listening to them. The kids who read out loud, sing, dance or do anything always have a superb audience in front of them who does nothing but appreciate them. This builds up confidence in the child and makes them better performers even otherwise!

Strong immunity:

Research has stated that the kids who grow up with dogs have better and stronger immunity than the kids who don't. It has been observed that with dogs around, the kids are lesser susceptible to asthma, allergies and have a strong resistance to diseases in general. So think it through – having a dog will boost your child's immunity – why not get one?

Fit lifestyle:

These days, getting kids off screens is major issue parents are facing. But if you have a dog in your home, your kid will be forced to take him out for walks, run around with him, play with him – now isn't this the best solution to your woes? Not only will your kid enjoy the play-time with the dog, but he will also have less of screen time.

Special needs:

If you have a kid with special needs, let me tell you – a dog is the best pet you could have. The greatest companion for such kids is their pawed buddy, who not only loves them, protects them but also ensures they provide the therapy your child requires. If you have a trained dog, it's even better!